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Raised in Parkrose, Oregon, just east of Portland, Mike Kelly’s roots are firmly planted in the same lower-middle-class soil that nurtures the American Dream. Raised by hard-working parents, Mike’s formative years were filled with the same dreams and challenges faced by families all across Washington today. He played sports, delivered newspapers, enjoyed scouting, and attended school, entering college after graduating from high school in 1982.

Entering the 1980s, marked by rapid economic change and cultural shifts, an ambitious and driven young Mike found himself seduced by the fast-paced world of business and the lure of easy money. Although working in the world of financial services, the path of least resistance and greatest allure proved to be the world of illicit drugs. Consequently, although never partaking himself, Mike chose to involve himself in the financing of transactions involving controlled substances. This culminated in a watershed moment in his life when, in June 1989, Mike faced the severe consequences of his actions with his arrest and subsequent conviction for his involvement in these activities

After taking responsibility for his mistakes and receiving a sentence of 15 years from the federal government, Mike’s resilience shone through as he undertook to educate himself on the law and the legal system in which he was now immersed. During the course of his work to help others in the same position as himself make sense of their circumstances, Mike managed to discover that he, himself, had actually been convicted of a misdemeanor yet sentenced to a felony. This proved the basis for a successful appeal, resulting in Mike’s release in April 1995 after less than 6 years; marking the beginning of a new period of profound transformation. Though difficult, his time incarcerated provided valuable insight and experience, and was the basis for Mike’s tenacity, his unwavering commitment to fairness and justice, as well as his empathy for all people, regardless of circumstance.

Emerging from this period of his life with renewed purpose, Mike centered himself in the world of legitimate business, working in the legal field and in construction, and later entering the realm of investments, focusing primarily on real estate. From there, his ventures grew, showcasing his commitment to ethical practices and community development, particularly within the real estate sector.

In 2006, Mike celebrated a personal milestone by marrying Kristi, his partner in life’s journey. Together, they blended a family with Kristi’s three children from a previous marriage, forming a bond rooted in love, mutual respect, and shared values.

With family as his guiding force and motivation, Mike moved to Spokane Valley in 2020 to be closer to his beloved grandchildren. He quickly involved himself in the local community and local government, speaking to his desire to be engaged as a citizen, his dedication to helping maintain our quality of life, and his support of the local economy and the institution of family.  In 2024, he was selected to serve on the Spokane Valley City Planning Commission.

Given where he has been and where he is today, Mike’s story stands as a testament to the power of redemption and the unwavering spirit of the American Dream. He is determined to continue his pursuit of that dream and to preserve it for others, a task he feels is best furthered by representing District 4 in the Washington State Senate. His candidacy isn’t motivated by empty personal ambition—it is in response to the widespread concerns shared by Mike and many others regarding the direction of Washington’s social, financial, and political environment, marked primarily by the imposition of rules and regulations from Olympia on the citizens of District 4 that take away their right and power to determine for themselves what is best for them. Mike wants to help retain that right of self-determination for all of Washington’s citizens and guide Washington out of its own darkness and back to the path of safety and prosperity.


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